Today I’m just asking a simple question :
What are you doing today?
As in.. What exercise activity are you undertaking?
Every day, there is AT LEAST 15 minutes  which you can use to make a deposit into your ‘fitness bank’.
  • Will you do a fast and furious HIIT session?
  • Go for a run?
  • Have a brisk walk?
  • Pop to the gym?
  • Drop into the swimming pool?
  • Pump some iron in a home-strength workout?
  • Get down to the yoga or pilates studio?
  • Or maybe… You’re seeing me?!
If you’re at work today, pick before, during (lunch break) , or after work to do SOMETHING beneficial to your health and fitness... And stick to it.
It’s not a luxury or an option to be overridden: your health and fitness is your priority, after all, you only get one body 💪👍

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