‘weight’ loss

Today I wanted to say a little bit about weight, losing it, maintaining it and what IT is!
When we fitness folk hear the phrase ‘i want to lose weight’, we probably get REALLY annoying by asking what this means. Our body’s weight is made up of
Fat (Subcutaneous and Visceral)
So when you say you want to lose weight…we need to define this as ‘losing body fat’ or more specifically: ‘reducing body fat percentage’.
I offer for you to hop on the BEI (Bio-Electrical Impedance) scales to see just what your body is made up of, in what proportions, and where this sits in the healthy to unhealthy range for each element. Now, DISCLAIMER: none of these portable scales is going to be as accurate as a DEXXA scan at a hospital or specialist centre, however they are pretty accurate and great to track trends and progress over the weeks. 
A little about fat vs muscle
If you come to me with 30% body fat and 2.5kg of muscle on your body, and tell me you wish to lose weight, we are going to be focusing on reducing that body fat percentage, and aiming to maintain or possibly slightly increase your muscle mass (depending on your needs)
If you lose 1kg body fat, and gain 0.5kg muscle mass, then the general ‘weight’ on the scales won’t look like it’s changed much. BUT your body INSIDE will have. You will have shed some useless, unhealthy fat, and gained lean muscle. More muscle doesn’t mean bulky – it means more calorie burning to maintain the muscle, it means support for the skeleton, it means more strength, balance and resilience.
Eg. pics  taken from the internet :
Both these women are the SAME WEIGHT. However, one clearly has a higher body fat percentage than the other, less muscle tone, and that is only what you can see on the outside. An unhealthy lifestyle can also impact on fat around your organs (visceral fat) which we DON’T want!
So, when you say you ‘want to lose weight’, my aim is to lose some of the ‘unhealthy; weight, the body fat, and build lean muscle which may not have a massive impact on your ‘weight’ but will show a change to your BODY COMPOSITION.
AND, of course,  none of which can be fully achieved without regular exercise AND a healthy diet 😉

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