I recognise that everyone is different – physically, mentally and emotionally, and embarking on a health and fitness journey is a very personal and powerful step and I believe a good relationship with my clients is key to creating a sustainable plan to hit and maintain those fitness goals.

I qualified as REPs (Register of Exercise Professionals) Level 3 Personal Trainer in 2015 and have been fortunate to be working in a variety of fitness roles  including as an instructor for Bootcamp Tring,  Instructor for Ridgeway Nordic Walking, and an  Instructor at On The Limit gym in Tring, as well as at gyms and health clubs in the surrounding area.

I also specialise in Exercise Referral for Controlled Conditions and Sports Conditioning. Please get in touch to find out how I can work with you.


Initial 30 min consultation to discuss your needs and goals, find out a bit more about you and what makes you tick, and give you an opportunity to ask me any questions!

First session: if you wish, I provide body composition measurements including body fat percentage, muscle mass, visceral fat (nasty stuff around the organs). Also tape-measurements for waist, hip, and arms and legs should you want. I never make these measurements compulsory, but they are a great way for you to track one element of your progress.

Going forward, I will train you through a programme tailored to fit your needs and abilities. As you progress, the programme will adapt to ensure you are still pushed and continue to see results. This, combined with homework and you own hard work between sessions will help you hit your goals!

DSC_4994A little about me…

I have not always been into fitness. Infact, I would shudder at the thought of PE at school or any form of organised sport!

The fact that I have gone from exercise and fitness-phobic, to full-on enthusiast and personal trainer means I can truly appreciate that when it comes to fitness and exercise, we are all very different.

Aside from Health and Fitness work, I hold a BA in Philosophy and Masters in Health Care Ethics and Law. It is fair to say I have a wide range of interests!


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