“My wife Eve met Bryony at Pendley Manor where she attended one of her classes.

Eve was so impressed with her competent friendliness, she suggested I too would benefit if Bryony could come to our home to train both of us at the same time.

Bryony is extremely responsive to how much we can & can’t cope with . At the same time she still focuses on our weaknesses as well as our strengths. She gently pushes us a little further at each session while being highly conscious of our limitations.

Bryony alternates the exercises between & for us each week so that it never becomes boring while constantly monitoring & encouraging us.

Bryony has a happy and cheerful personality combined with a serious enthusiasm to improve the health of others. So we have no hesitation in recommending her to anyone who is looking to improve their physical fitness.

If you feel the level of general overall improvement I have, you will be delighted and much better for it! So if you are serious, stop messing around, get her to help, have fun and feel the difference on every level!” – Nic and Eve S



“I have been lucky enough to go to a few of Bryony’s classes at the gym that she has been covering for other members of staff: kettlebells, spin and circuits. At every class it is really reassuring that she gives you a variety of options to do that target different abilities. For example my core is not very strong so I am able to opt for a slightly easier variation of the exercise given in the circuit class and a tougher alternative of the exercise given in another area if I feel comfortable. Bryony is always taking part in the classes that she does but still manages to watch over everyone in the class and offer advice on technique and form in a nice and approachable way and that is extremely encouraging to know you are carrying out the exercise correctly, won’t become injured and in turn feel more confident if you were to do it on your own in the gym in your workout.”- Jill M

“Bryony is a fantastic personal trainer, tailoring workouts to suit my ability and goals as well as making them varied and enjoyable.  In addition to being prompt and professional, Bryony is extremely personable and a great motivator.  After just six weeks of workouts, which included interval training and Nordic Walking, my fitness has greatly improved.  I would recommend Bryony unreservedly” – Thea, 26

“Bryony has to be one of the most motivated and upbeat people that I have ever met. Her infectious positivity is what you need at 6am in the morning! Although I train regularly, I value Bryony’s input and encouragement. She is always able to come up with new, interesting and challenging exercises. I would not hesitate in recommending Bryony as a personal trainer” – Kim, 50

“I’ve been lucky enough to be in some of Bryony’s fitness classes and I’ve loved them! She inspires you to do your best in each session and push yourself to your own limits whilst having fun! Thank you Bryony” – B. Purse

“I look forward to Bryony’s classes as they are very focused and we cover a wide range of exercises in a structured way. After a thorough warm-up, she works through a sequence of movements with different options and she guides us through the class at a steady pace so that our time is well used and I feel that I have had a good work-out”.  ML

“I can honestly say out of all the PT’s I’ve used/tried before, you are the best for me by a country mile!” – Ollie D