So: most of us are feeling a little squishier, a bit guilty and in need of getting ‘back on the wagon‘ and feeling fit again. (If this isn’t you….what’s your secret?!:p)
That’s OK! Don’t feel bad for enjoying yourself! Of course, there are ways of being a little bit more virtuous when socialising (as mentioned in previous email!) But, what’s done is done and let’s LOOK FORWARD.
Fact: Resolutions made on Jan 1st are 40% more likely to be kept than ones made at any other time of the year
So, what changes would you like to make for this coming year? Continue as you have been, working towards your goals in a manageable, sustainable wayDo you need to ‘up your game’ and have a little word with yourselfOR do you need to be a little LESS hard on yourself and celebrate your successes more?
Whatever you want to do, make the goals SMART:
SPECIFIC (what is the goal, what does it look like?)
MEASURABLE (is it in weight, amount, size, shape, ? Eg 10 pull ups!)
ACHIEVABLE (There is no point in choosing something so far out of reach you will always be disappointed!)
REALISTIC (as above! Make sure you have chosen something you know is possible, even if it’s a challenge)
TIME BOUND (set a time period to achieve this in, to keep focus and limit how overwhelming the task might seem!)
Loosely set goals like ‘eat better, move more’ aren’t going to be as successfully met as ‘stop mid week drinking’ or ‘ exercise every Friday’ …!
Let’s make 2020 GREAT

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