Eat correctly
  • Yep  the old adage “you can’t out-train a bad diet” is spot on.
  • I never recommend ;dieting’ per-se, healthy habits are for life, not for a short amount of time. Quick-fixes are just that – quick and short term. I promote long-term lifestyle changes which will be sustainable, non restrictive, and ensure maintaining progress for life.
  • General rules apply – avoid processed sugars and carbohydrates as much as possible (white bread, white pasta, sweets, chocolate, foods and drinks with added sugars and ALCOHOL). Eat wholegrain and protein with every meal (eggs, wholemeal bread, brown rice, fish, white meats, soy and vegetarian alternatives), drink plenty of water throughout the day (carry a bottle everywhere) and don’t have a heavy meal late in the evening, it’s not needed!
  • Additionally – eating TOO LITTLE can mean you aren’t going to be fuelling the new muscle you are building, you don’t have enough energy and you feel generally rubbish! It’s a learning process, but I can help if you seek specific weight management help when it comes to food.

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