Baked Eggs- my favourite dinner!


Serves 2

Takes 30-45 mins (incl prep)

Take a large, deep sided saucepan or frying pan and fry 1 onion, crushed garlic clove and a chopped red pepper in a tbsp Olive oil.

Add some sweetcorn, shredded spinach and 1 tin chopped tomatoes.

Add herbs and pepper to taste (I used mixed Italian herbs, medium chilli powder and some tomato puree).

When reduced down (after 15 mins or so) make 4 little wells and crack an egg into each. Allow to heat from the bottom for 5 mins, then place the whole pan under the grill until the whites are fully cooked (and the yolks if you like). Add some grated cheddar…And serve!

I added a salad but you can add steamed veg or some sweet potato wedges as a healthy carbohydrate.

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