Wellbeing and Wellness – A Virtuous Circle

As you can imagine as far as I am concerned there can never be too many references to ‘Wellbeing’ or events and activities promoting ‘Wellness’, but even I have been surprised to find out how much space in the general consumer media and social channels has been taken up by articles, opinions, testimonials and reports around both subjects and the   myriad of gatherings, conferences and activities which are being organised to keep wellbeing and fitness “front of mind” throughout the year:

‘World Health Day’ on 7 April; ‘Global Wellness Day’ (12 June); ‘World Wellbeing Week’ (June 21 -June 30); ‘Festival of Wellbeing’ (28 June – 09 July); ‘Healthy Eating Week’ (28 Sept – 03 Oct); ‘World Mental Health Day’ (10 October); ‘Movember’:  Men’s Health Awareness Month; November : ‘National Stress Awareness Week’; 13 November : ‘World Kindness Day’ – to name just a few!

There was even a ’World Sleep Day’ (19 March) and a ‘Global Hand Hygiene Day’…..I mean…..! (5 May) . Neither of which I am sure you missed! 

With so many health awareness messages being sponsored and endorsed I could hardly ignore the opportunity to add my thoughts.

So how are ‘Wellbeing’ and ‘Wellness’ connected? 

The Oxford English Dictionary defines ‘Wellbeing’ as “the state of being comfortable, healthy or happy”. However this will depend upon each person’s experience of life so it is difficult to pin down how individuals will assess their own personal state of ‘Wellbeing’ i.e. their state of mind.

On the other hand, ‘Wellness’ is a condition enabled by a process of practising habits and performing activities which contribute to a person’s physical health. 

The connection is simply that each influences the other and nurtures a beneficial effect which works both ways. ‘Wellness’ (physical health) encourages a feeling of ‘Wellbeing’ and a sense of ‘Wellbeing’ (mental and emotional health) frequently inspires further habits and activities which enhance ‘Wellness’.

‘World Wellbeing Week’ is particularly enthusiastic about the links between wellbeing and wellness is are keen that people understand that “the 5 Ways to Wellbeing” are “Connect, Get Active, Be Mindful, Keep Learning, Give to Others”. 

Not a bad thought to end on.


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