Don’t become a statistic!

There is a ‘middle age health crisis’ warns BBC

“Desk jobs, fast food and the daily grind are taking their toll, says Public Health England.

Eight in every 10 people aged 40 to 60 in England are overweight, drink too much or get too little exercise, the government body warns.

PHE wants people to turn over a new leaf in 2017 and make a pledge to get fit.” – source


The more time that goes by where we are inactive, undoubtedly the scarier the prospect of exercise can be. But, it really is never too late to make improvements and get back on the right track with your health and well-being.

Too many of us make a range of excuses – not enough time, not enough energy, too overweight, painful joints….any of these sound like you or someone you know? Yes, life is very demanding, and often taking on a Health And Fitness programme can seem luxurious and indulgent – like going to a spa or watching your favourite box set.


On a plane, the safety drill instructs you to put on your oxygen mask before you help others with theirs. Just like your health and fitness – you are no good to others if you are not looking after yourself first.

How often do you find you are lacking energy when your kids, or friends want to do something? How often do you find you are not getting enough sleep, or have trouble performing daily activities?

Keeping good Cardiovascular fitness, functional flexibility and strength and having a healthy metabolism and diet will boost your energy levels, enable you to be able to enjoy daily activities and more, help with consuming the right nutrients and give better, more restorative sleep.


Signing up for a Personal Training programme with B.E.Fitness and PT will kick-start your health and fitness journey. You will become educated about your body and how to get the most out of your exercise programme. You will receive dietary advice, homework, personalised sessions at home, outdoors or at the gym, telephone and email support, monthly measurements and form sustainable, healthy habits.

Don’t undervalue yourself. You owe it to YOU to be fit and healthy and live life to the full.

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