Avoid a ‘winter coat’!

Yes its that time of year again – where food and drink is all so gosh-darn delicious and staying wrapped up on the sofa is a lot more attractive than getting up and getting moving.


The duvet becomes your best friend, and don’t forget those comfy elasticated-waistband joggers, and sugar and refined carbohydrates: cakes, biscuits, those chocolates at the office, cheesy toasties and hot chocolate…

It’s also a lot more tempting, now it’s dark when you get up and dark when you come home from work, to stay indoors and not make that extra effort that you might have done in the summer to go out for a jog or a walk or to head down to the gym.


Of course – life is joyless without some treats and ‘naughties’ when it comes to food and drink, and if you have lots of social engagements coming up, holding back is going to be tough. However, try some of the tips below – to still have fun but not wake up the next day with a big pile of regret staring at you!


  •  Be the designated driver – keeps you off the booze, which in turn means you’re less likely to eat those nibbles.
  • Eat before you go – unless you are going to a sit down dinner, if you know you are going to be faced with canapes galore, have a light meal before you go and then you won’t be ravenous when those mini quiches get poked at you.
  • If you can’t NOT have a drink, alternate with water. (It really does work, so many of us hoof down the wine because we are dehydrated, which in turn leads to more dehydration…you get the picture)
  • Leave your drink down on the table next to you – of course, sometimes it isn’t safe to do so and you should always keep an eye on your drink, but if it is in your hand, you are more likely to be constantly sipping and before you know it, your glass is being refilled and 1 drink turns into 5!
  • Keep those biccies and chocs as far away as possible – at the office, enough chocolates get provided to feed a small country. Try to keep them at the opposite end of the room/desk so if you want one, you have to physically get up to go get one and not just lean across.
  • Ration yourself the ‘treats’ -whether it be drink or food, have a rule for yourself which isn’t too unrealistic (like “no chocolate EVER AGAIN”..yeah, that works…). Perhaps, allow yourself 5 drinks or 5 biscuits a week. This can be spread across the week, or over one weekend. The point being, YOU decided when you have your allotted amount and that’s your lot.


It may not be safe to go out in the dark for a walk or a run anymore, that’s OK. If you can walk at lunchtime, clear your head and feel refreshed, that’s an extra few steps you are getting in each day, not to mention sunlight and fresh air.

An indoor workout at home, can use very little space and be just as effective. Try 15 or 20 mins High Intensity Blast 4-6x per week. See next blog “Winter Warmers”

There’s a myriad of tips and hints which are offered for you to keep fit and well over winter. Some will appeal more to you than others. The most important thing is to find something which is sustainable, realistic and safe. 

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