Fitness is for all

“Plus-sized fitness classes in Exeter to help people feel confident”


This headline caught my eye recently and I really couldn’t let it go by without commenting on how disappointed it made me that some people are put off exercising in “traditional” gyms because they are described as ‘plus-sized‘

I feel particularly concerned because my personal training philosophy has always been that no-one should believe that they have an unsuitable body shape or size which precludes them from exercising and that there isn’t an exercise programme which can’t benefit them when professionally planned or supervised.

So what is “Plus Size” Anyway

I hate the term and what it implies. According to recent research, ‘plus size’ could refer to someone who is UK size 6; but size 16 has also been defined as ‘plus size’. Apparently, most people think that being ’plus size’ means being fat, but it can encompass such characteristics as different body type and proportions – more booty, curvier thighs, larger bust etc. Essentially, it’s just a poor term to describe the variety of shapes and dimensions of the female body.

In fact, the average UK dress size in 2021 is a size 16.

The article goes on to explain that the classes in Exeter are aimed to help those with larger bodies and “give people confidence”. If this is their objective then I can only applaud the initiative and wish them all the success possible but, as a personal trainer, I have been taught to offer fitness activities which are tailored to the needs of individual clients, whatever their physical capabilities, limitations or size.

To put it simply, I plan individual exercise programmes for clients of all shapes and sizes which can be done in their own homes if they prefer that to the gym. NOONE is too unfit, too overweight, or too old to start to improve their health and wellbeing.

To coin a well-used phrase, “It’s what we personal trainers do”.


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