Recover strength lost during Covid

A recent story on BBC News caught my eye. According to a survey for the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy and Sport England, almost one third of people who exercise regularly believe that their general strength has declined during the Covid pandemic. Around 23% of under-34s said it had fallen and the figure for over 35s was higher.

A person’s general level of strength is an indication of muscle mass and a lessening of muscle mass could result in long-term issues concerning mobility and balance. This then could initiate other health problems necessitating visits to the doctor or physiotherapist, osteopath or acupuncturist!

Fortunately, most of my clients have largely been able to keep to their well-being and fitness routines during Lockdown by working with me online, in gardens or parks and now, FINALLY, in person. However, for those of you for whom this has not been possible, when you start back again it would be a good idea to get some expert advice on how to reintroduce exercise into your week. A good PT will be mindful of your circumstances and can tailor your ‘build up’ route to attain your previous levels of flexibility and strength in the optimum timescale so you can start to get yourself back on track.

We would begin by trying some fundamental exercises which shouldn’t put too many demands upon your current ‘de conditioned’ musculoskeletal frame. It’s all a question of restarting your strengthening exercises gradually.
Whether you are a seasoned gym-goer or a keep-fit beginner, the universal advice is, “Don’t start a marathon with a sprint”

You don’t need special equipment e.g. weights or resistance bands because, depending on injuries and abilities, we can utilise your body to provide sufficient resistance for your strengthening needs.

Most of us know about press ups, squats, lunges and sit ups etc. and these are all good strengthening exercises that are commonly used and, if you have a PT, they will be able to bring some new ‘moves’ to the routine. What we’re all looking for is to get back to the habit of exercising as regularly as possible, keeping as healthy as possible, for as LONG as possible!

TOTAL BODY MAINTENANCE is KEY, let me show you how 😉

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