5 ways to kick up your calorie burn!

You may feel it’s difficult at the moment (in Lockdown…in winter..) to motivate yourself to exercise, and when you are motivated…what can you do?!

Here I just want to throw at you 5 WAYS YOU CAN BURN AT LEAST 100 EXTRA CALORIES TODAY.

‘100 calories? What will that mean I can eat?‘ – that’s not the focus here folks! Getting moving and increasing your daily activity IN GENERAL is beneficial not only to loss of unwanted weight, but also bone density, muscle and ligament tone and flexibility, strength and heart and lung health. Not to mention the benefit to mental health and taking your eyes off the screen (any one got video-call fatigue?!).

1 – Walking!

For 15-20 mins briskly on the flat or uphill can burn 100+ calories (depending on fitness levels and body weight). As Billy Connolly said ‘Get yourself a sexy little raincoat and go out and have some fun!’

2 – Zumba

If shaking it to a good beat is your thing, just 10 mins of vigorous Zumba (or similar, vigorous dancing) can burn approx 100 cal and get your heart and lungs pumping. There’s plenty of resources on You Tube but sometimes you need that trainer there to push – and I can recommend the infectious energy of Nikki and her virtual zumba classes!

3. Running

Want more than a walk ? Get pounding the pavements or the local park for just 10 mins of jogging to burn around 100 cal. Be safe, start with the good warm up and ensure you have the right footwear (I love going for a run/jog with clients and the best way to be challenged and achieve more is with me by your side 😉 )

4. Strength training!
If you know me, you know I love this! It doesn’t have to be heavy weights, 25-30 mins of moderate body weight work done correctly can be very challenging and, along with a balanced diet, can transform the body composition. With just a chair, a mat and some simple dumbbells or resistance bands, I can take you through a full-body programme.

5. Gardening

It’s not the most attractive option in the winter, but it’s a great wat to get warm and just about 20 mins of digging, lifting and raking can burn 100 calories (and tidy up the garden in the process – winning!). Not to mention the upper body and core toning.

For these ideas and more, you can check out this article.

B x

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