Be alternative

We all come across aches and pains in life, and sometimes are unfortunate to get a sprain or minor injury just from everyday activity.

Depending on what the injury is, and as long as you have had to ‘OK – go!’ from a medical professional (if necessary), you DON’T have to throw your fitness regime out the window!!

If you find you can’t perform a particular movement, don’t
despair and just “sit it out”.

I have said it time and time again – but there is ALWAYS an adaptation that can be prescribed to achieve the same(or similar) effect. OR a complete alternative to keep you working without aggravating that area. That’s just one benefit of personal supervision over a group fitness class or pre-recorded online video.

For example – knee injury and squats are out of the picture? To still work the Quads, hamstrings, glutes and hips we can sit to stand, perform seated leg raises, use resistance bands or leg weights to work the muscles and tendons without strain on the knee joint.

There is no excuse to sit still, and infact- recovery from injury or aches can be quicker if you continue to work your body in the right way.

See you soon


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