I regularly get emails saying that person A wants to lose weight, get fit…however they are their ‘own worst enemy’! Starting with a ‘diet’ only to sabotage this after a couple of days and then binge! Motivation for exercise is low, and given the option, they would take a lazy evening after work rather than workout.
My response:
  • Noone can make you change, unless you WANT to. And it’s not just a ‘oh wouldn’t it be nice if…’ statement, but a ‘I want to … and I will do what ever it takes’. 
  • The only person who it negatively impacted by you not doing your workout/not sticking to your healthy eating habits/not foregoing that pudding…is YOU. You can’t make changes for someone else’s benefit, it must be for YOU. 
  • Prioritise YOU – person B can WAIT while you finish your workout, it’s ONE HOUR out of your day! That pile of laundry can be done later, (or can be done by someone else?). IF people want their shirts ironed and aren’t doing anything – get them to do it! You have a workout/stretches/walk to do!
  • Cravings are just that – cravings. You don’t NEED or DESERVE that chocolate/beer/slice of pizza. I DON’T promote excluding any foods from your diet, because when you deny something, it becomes even more desirable (am I right?!). You can be educated about how calories work, how many you need, and enjoy a range of foods and drinks and STILL stay on track. (If you would like detailed Nutrition guidance, please let me know)
  • Instead of giving in to habit and choosing to do diddly-squat after work which benefits no-one, YOU will BENEFIT from going for a walk, doing 30 mins workout in your living room or bedroom, picking up some dumbbells and going through a routine. (not to mention how everyone else will benefit as you will be pleased, less irritable, and more relaxed!)
In short – excuses don’t burn calories/build muscle/make us healthier (some of you may have heard this before..;)). Excuses make us feel guilty, put on unhealthy weight, and slow progress.
Hear your excuses next time you feel them coming on , imagine someone else saying them to you…and what you might say back!
Don’t lose focus 🙂 

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