That’s NEAT!

I was away on holiday recently and DETERMINED to keep my exercise and enjoyment in balance (I was in Italy…pizza and prosecco anyone?).

I was reminded while I was away of a little thing called NEAT – Non-Exercise Activity Thermogenesis (the energy expended by everything we do which is not sleeping, eating or deliberate exercise)
This can increase your body’s fat burning  efficiency, using extra calories by simply continuous movement. Examples will be some you have heard before:
  • taking the stairs
  • walking to work or the shops
  • household chores (a particularly vigorous cleaning session, changing the bed or gardening are all great examples)
  • Standing at a desk to type instead of sitting
  • Running your own errands – walking to the post box, whizzing round Tesco,
  • Even fidgeting!
Studies show that lean men and women stand, walk and fidget significantly more during the day which results in around 350 kcal more energy expenditure than overweight individuals.
It is SO important to be as active as you can be OUTSIDE of exercise classes or PT sessions. Your body will benefit from being active throughout the day, rather than 60 mins of concentrated exercise in the middle of an otherwise sedentary day.
The suggested target of 10,000 steps a day is a good way to motivate yourself to keep moving as much as possible each day
So take this thought with you this week – move as much as possible, do chores, walk and stand, move around every hour if you have a desk job, take things one at a time up and down the stairs….

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