Why Sometimes Water Isn’t Enough

It’s a real issue at this time of year, whilst we have gone for weeks now wondering ‘will summer ever come?’, we are now in the midst of a heat wave, and could fall victim to those risks associated with it.

Whether you are working out in the heat, or just going about your daily business, or even sleeping (!) you will be sweating. As I am sure you are aware, when you sweat, you are not just losing water (I mean, sweat tastes salty, right?). The body is losing electrolytes through the skin when we sweat, and drinking water alone  – whilst always a good habit for health in general  – will not necessarily be enough to replenish the vital minerals which have been lost. This is especially if you have been exercising or excessively sweating.

I recently completed a 50km walk in the near 30-degree heat across open country. Whilst i ensured I carried and drank a full litre of water every 10km (pit stops were placed along the way approx 10km apart), at each station I also drank an isotonic bend to help my body get back some of the fluid it was losing. (Check out my related blog ‘Race To The Stones!‘ to hear about THAT adventure).

You probably recognise the term ‘isotonic’ – you will have seen is on popular ‘sports drinks’ labels, drinks that come in many wild colours and contain many more chemicals and additives than some of us would like to consume. Also, they can put us out of pocket when we don’t need to be!

A home made isotonic drink contains 3 simple ingredients:

  • 200ml fruit squash
  • 800ml water (to dilute)
  • a pinch of salt (yes, salt!)

The body prefers glucose as its source of energy, and the natural fruit sugars can provide this carbohydrate boost. Much more natural and cheaper than going out and buying a bottle of over-sweetened and additive-laden drink.

Tip: add soda water if you want a fizz!

Drink up folks,





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